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No one would have ever imagined that a Corporate Banker will turn out to be leading entrepreneur in the world of Astrology one day.


Years ago, when he was worked as a Corporate Banker in BNP Paribas, he never knew he would end up being in a totally different career line years later. After many interview rejections, he landed up in this job but things were not working effectively and he had to quit his current job to persue something new in his life. When he was even ready to submit his resignation letter to his head. Suddenly, he was blown away by Heena Gokhru’s prediction, his senior, who had groomed knowledge about astrology. Then an year later, as a non-believer in occult sciences, when his business partner left him, he saw nothing ahead and decided to start his own product in technology.

Heena Gokhru said predicted two years later he will experience massive success in his business and he would land up in the divine world of Astrology. Back that time, he saw it as something much laughable. But when he himself saw his career pushing him towards the field of astrology, he realized how astrology is true and everything about his future predictions by Heena Gokhru was true.

After successfully completing two years in this business, he believe that he took a right decision back then about his career.

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