HoverNetwork Review and Alternatives: Best VoIP Providers 2019

At first glance, Hover Networks has one of the worst User Interfaces of all the virtual PBX and VoIP services we’ve reviewed; the site is confusing, requires users to click through multiple pages to find what they’re looking for, and worse: it’s just plain ugly. Look past the garish purple and acid green, though, and an affordable, useful system emerges, with unlimited calling and standard features like call forwarding, caller ID, and advanced conference calling – all at competitive prices. International calling to all corners of the globe is also far more affordable than standard phone services, and is offered in more countries than most virtual phone service providers. 

Hover Networks loses considerable points in other areas, though: Unlike Grasshopper, Hover does not offer “true” 800 or vanity numbers, and because of their partnership with Polycom and SoundPoint, Hover Networks customers must buy or rent phones unless they sign up for a two-year contract.


  • Cheap
  • Available for most countries


  • No 800 numbers
  • No ‘vanity’ numbers
  • Most packages require to buy a phone
  • Cheap prices with long term obligations


Hover Networks advertises crystal clear sound quality as part of their standard features, and few reviewers note dropped or disconnected calls. Unlike many virtual phone services, they also offer a series of features to make sure your call data is backed up and stored against any system failures, including “network redundancy” and constant “data center backup”.


Although it’s difficult to read on their website, Hover Networks plans come with a wide variety of features, including toll free and local numbers, call forwarding, recording, screening, and unlimited incoming and outgoing calling and faxing. For the price of their service, this makes for an enticing deal, except for one main caveat: Unlike many other virtual phone service providers, Hover does not offer any possibility of true 800 or vanity phone numbers.

Hover Networks does offer some ingenuity by way of their standard conferencing features, though. Customers can create personalized PIN numbers for conference calls, send reminders, and manage the conference calls (customers can block callers, and time the call).


In theory, Phonebooth provides 24/7 US-based support, as well as a fairly complete help centre and FAQ. The pros of their support stop there, though. Reviewers frequently comment on Phonebooth’s terrible and achingly slow customer service, with little communication between departments and plenty of finger pointing in opposite directions.

FEATUREtoll free+local numbers+call forwarding+call screening+custom greetings+call flip+call logs+call recording+virtual fax+menus+conference calling+custom caller ID+voicemail to email+outgoing calls+outgoing fax+


In comparison to its competitors, Hover Networks’ support is sorely lacking in many ways. Although their phone service is available 24/7 with a 1-hour “call-back” promise, their online FAQ is flimsy in comparison to Grasshopper and RingCentral, and they don’t offer live chat services like Hottelecom


What do you think?

Written by SerhiiKr


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