Runescape players can build their own skill bars

Are you guys willing to re-learn RuneScape combat? It is no surprise people hate change, but just imagine what the response of the majority would be when they announce RuneScape combat is Changing again. RuneScape would actually benefit from a simplified battle system I agree OSRS gold 100%, because frankly, redoing the entire tick system will not happen at all, because runescape game is no more RuneScape, and at this point they’re better off making a whole new game compared to redoing everything and attempting to repair something as old as the internet.

So, if you do not mind reading through each of my rambling beneath, and if the votes are disregarded by you my opinion may gather. A simplified EOC System, complicated enough to maintain the competitive runescape players satisfied and enticing yet easy for returning/new runescape players must work like this: Make all skills available in the beginning of the runescape game (with their exceptions and unlockables complete like: devotion, tuska’s anger, corruption shooter, etc.) There’s no use in levelling up in order to unlock all skills. Make all of them available from the start so new runescape players can build their own skill bars, and give them a wish to chase (unlock the rest of the abilities).

Weapon diversity beta has the potential to breathe fresh life to the runescape game, if performed properly and if they include Weaknesses and resistances to each of bosses (this could be highly controversial though, and I could hear the grit of this teeths), but rather having 10+ switches you would only require the BIS weapon together your defenses and supplies. That is the reason why you bring switches in first location to a boss such as Telos, but in the event that you just the boss fight sufficient to be able to kill him without having 8switches and just your defenses and defensive abilities, the boss not only becomes much less sweaty at higher enrages, but also more accessible to the public (however a few elitists may not enjoy that, because some of them are selfish and do not want to have the remainder of the runescape playerbase to succeed, when we do not even have a ladder or even a elo system to start with).

When the bosses have a genuine weapon weakness (for all three combat styles) along with a weapon immunity, it not only opens up the opportunity to diversify the battle experiences, but also give all those niche weapons a real use. That means weapons would not work. But that is the reason behind the weapon diversity thingy, to make it so that you do not bring the same weapon to all boss battles but actually find out how to use all the weapons and their consequences. (This opens up a whole new region to develop boss experiences around the weapons used).Make an authentic high score table for supervisors, employing the Killcount to buy RS gold and Timer, this could spur a bit of friendly rivalry and also could give a sense of achievement to the boss killers out there. These are just a few suggestions, so please choose them like that, mere ideas based on my personal opinion.


What do you think?

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