5 Important Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

Fire pits are not new and they have been in use since the Stone Age. Our ancestors started it with small ground pits that they were used to cook meat and survive harsh weather. But, in this modern age, they have become aesthetic, useful, and valuable additions to our patios or backyards. Having a patio fire pit Edison has become too easy as there are so many videos and blogs available on the internet where homeowners can learn and try to build it on their own. One can also approach professionals to build a fire pit Colonia in his outdoor area.

However, keeping fire pits look beautiful and working efficiently requires proper maintenance. Scroll down to read five importance maintenance tips.

Protect It

Your patio fire pit Edison can become a wonderful focal point for entertainment, gossips, and recreation. But at last, it is left on nature’s mercy. The outdoor fireplaces are mostly subjected to get in contact with rain, snow, ice, and sunlight. Even the best quality of pits can get vandalized by these natural elements. You can put a sturdy metal lid or stainless steel cover on your fire pit to keep it protected from weather conditions.

Store It Inside

If you have a “portable fire pit” and is not to be used for an extended period of time, storing it inside or under a dry covered area is the best option. If you do this you will not only be preserving the lifespan of your fire pit and protecting your investment. You will also be minimizing the amount of maintenance needed to keep it looking and performing at its best.

Clean It

There come different types of fire pits – wood-burning, gas fire pits, etc. You need to inspect and clean it regularly. You can use a broom or garden rake to clear tree leaves from around your wood-burning fire pit on a regular basis. It is important to shut off the gas outlet before cleaning the fire pit using damp cloth and soap. You may call backyard landscaping Woodbridge contractors if you haven’t done it before.

Remove Ash

Removing powder residue that is left after the combustion of wood is very important for the longevity of your “fire pit Colonia” as they are very acidic and destructive to both metal and masonry. Fire pits that are made from normal bricks and masonry can eventually crack with the heat of ash and ambers so it should be either made by fireproof bricks or you may protect it using a round metal liner.

Extinguish Fire When You Leave It

By extinguishing the fire immediately after using it, you can increase the lifespan of your pit sufficiently. It is advised not to pour water directly to douse the fire as it may result in affecting the material and deteriorate the structure.

If you want to build a fire pit, you can contact a backyard landscaping Woodbridge company to do the job effectively and under budget.


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Written by Andrea Skoch

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