Reasons You Should Know Why Your Car Keys Are Not Working Properly

Let’s face it right. We all have those unfortunate days when we are in a rush to go somewhere and the car refuses to start. You even skipped your most needed cup of coffee to avoid getting late at your official meeting, but here you find yourself helpless, trying to unlock your car and start it again but it is not working.


In those moments of panic when you are locked out of your car, you try to understand what are the various reasons behind your car lock or key failure. Sometimes, it is quite easy to understand why you are unable to unlock your car but at other times, it really takes lots of time to understand what is the root cause. Before you immediately rush to find the best vehicle lockouts companies, read this article and know what are the various reasons behind car lockouts. It surely is going to help you out in knowing why the car key failure occurs and how you can actually protect yourself from this distressing situation.

Car Lock Is Damaged

You have been trying to insert your car key into the lock but it is not working. Let’s just try to find out the reason behind it. There is a high possibility that your car lock is damaged and it usually happened when you are excessively using car keys to unlock your car doors and you have accidentally moved the keys in the wrong direction. Car locks also wear down over time, so this can be also another reason car lock damage. You must know the exact age of your car, if it needs to be changed, go for it. To protect your lock from this kind of damage, what you can do is regular cleaning. Remove all the dirt and debris from the lock and it is good to use again.

Your Car Key Damaged

There are multiple reasons behind car key damage. Just don’t think that your car keys are damaged only when they are split into two halves, there are several other forms of car key damage and you must know those as well. To have a good idea about this, you must know well how car locks work. Once you know the mechanism, you will also come to know how important are the grooves on the car key to open the lock. With regular use, there are chances that grooves on the key will be altered over time. Once the pattern is changed, you will definitely have difficulty in opening the car of the lock. So, check out the grooves and if there is any alteration, immediately go for a replacement key to save yourself from frustrating situations like car lockouts.

Fault In The Ignition Cylinder

You must bear in mind that your car keys cannot work alone. They have a connection with both the door lock and the tool that works in conjunction with the ignition of the car. There is a proper mechanism behind every car key and even the slightest change in that mechanism causes difficulty in opening the car lock. So, if your car keys are not working properly, also check out if the ignition cylinder of the car is in working condition or not.

Key Fob Is Damaged Internally

You must know how a key fob works. Its proper functioning depends upon the accurate communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Your car keys are not going to perform the intended function if any of these components are damaged. There can be two reasons behind the damage; either they wore down over time or there was some external damage that resulted in damaging the internal wires of the system. The external damage can occur only by dropping your car keys this might result in knocking out the internal of alignment.

Car Keys Need To Be Programmed

If you are thinking that car keys were only needed to pair with the cars in the past, you are entirely wrong in your assumption. To save yourself from the additional expense of going for car door lock repair, you must only purchase a key that is well synchronized with your car lock. With technological advancement, things have changed a lot. These days, they pair your car keys with your car in a way that it adds an extra layer of security to it. Mostly there is no issue of programming but there is a chance that there might be an issue of programming in case your car keys are refusing to work with your car. This issue occurs when you either go for duplicate keys or replace your car remote with a new pair of keys and forgot to make a connection between the key fob and the transponder key.

Final Thoughts!

To save yourself from the costly hassle of going for a car lock or key repair service, it is always better to know well about all the key issues beforehand and remove them as soon as they occur.



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