What is Good Audio Conference Call Etiquette?

Infusing the appropriate conference calling etiquette is vital, often helping conference participants get the best out of conference calls. And to underscore the point we mentioned above, here are a few tips on good audio conferencing slolutions

  1. Always Introduce Yourself:

As a common practice, you should introduce yourself before speaking, as every participant may not recognize your voice or know who you are.

  1. Ensure You Listen To All Call Participants:

Allowing other participants the time to share their opinion makes it easier for participants to converse, understand each other and identify the agenda of the conference call.

  1. Avoid Joining Your Conferences Late:

Being punctual shows that you value every call participant’s time. Joining calls late exhibits that you do not value every participant, and is deemed highly unprofessional.

Create an Agenda For Every Conference Call:

Remaining consistent with your conference call timeline and agenda, and respecting the time of fellow call participants is always a great practice.

  1. Avoid Background Noise:

Ensure all your call participants have their devices on silent mode while conferencing to avoid background noise. Avoid starting conversations with others in the room during a live audio conferencing, and forgetting to mute your phone.

  1. Confirm All Participants Have Hung Up:

Sometimes members may continue their conversation with other participants, while still being connected to the conference, where other members can overhear your conversation. It’s always a good practice to bring the call to a natural end.

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Written by soujanya naroju

I’m marketing specialist at grptalk. It’s a product of Telebu Communications. Telebu makes ready-to-use enterprise communication applications, and offers a full stack of communication APIs and SDKs for SMS, Voice, Video & Chat.
Entering PINs, delayed joining times, zero member visibility, and call drops! Traditional conference calling has been blighted by these problems for too long. It took a brave idea, solid planning and a team of dynamic individuals to successfully develop a solution that would simplify conference calling, and solve all the problems of traditional conference calling. Developers, testers, designers and even support staff, everyone came together to be a part of the ‘grptalk’ journey.
grptalk’s “mobile first” approach , along with its dial-out capability, enables ‘instant conferencing’ directly from your phone, much like making a regular telephone call. We believe grptalk will change how people conference call across multiple locations!


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