Fire Damaged Wood Restoration Services in NJ

Every year millions of fire accidents occur across the US that result in huge loss of lives and goods. These fire accidents happen due to several uncertain reasons that include electrical overloads, faulty wiring, heating, flammable liquids, etc. Though homeowners usually are aware of the possible hazards that may lead to a fire, sometimes mishap comes unexpectedly. If your house has recently witnessed a fire incident it might be traumatic for you to make things like before. Professional fire damage restoration Clark can help you by restoring anything that is salvageable.

Central Jersey Dustless Blasting has been providing surface preparation, restoration, and deep-cleaning services for many years. We provide smoke and soot damaged wood restoration services. We specialize in removing dry and wet smoke residue as well as removing oily or greasy soot.

We are capable of cleaning almost any surface including brick, stone, aluminum, industrial steel, vinyl, and asphalt.

Wood Damage Restoration

The consequent situation of a house fire can be terrible. You may see a great degree of black flaky and oily soot on walls, furniture, and concrete structure. During the fire, a great degree of wet and dry smoke enters the ducts, basement, and attic and causes serious damages to your possessions. The wooden structure incurs most of the damage as they easily catch fire and burn. When the fire is extinguished, it becomes important to immediately contact fire damage restoration services.

A fire damage restoration company can help you in salvaging the stuff that is barely scorched or only covered by a thick layer of soot. It helps you in removing soot deposits using methods like power washing, dustless blasting, and dry ice blasting.

You can also contact us for wood restoration NJ services and we will reach the site as soon as possible. We use blasting methods to eliminate burnt stains and any stubborn soot and provide a finished wood.

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Written by Nathan Clark

Central Jersey Dustless Blasting provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective way of stripping paint, primer, epoxy, even rust from almost any surface, including, concrete, asphalt, brick, vinyl siding, masonry, stone, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and wood.


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