Stop the Building Program!

This is so true. We provide the motel for many UltraManifestation Review sins to lodge in. We build harbors for bitterness and anger to anchor in. We allow strongholds, as strong as Fort Knox, to be constructed in our minds as we permit sin to have its way. We provide the tractor and plow to be used in the garden of our soul where sin can be sown.

 This ought not be the case! It does not have to be this way. God has provided a way for people to live above sin. I did not say in perfection, but I am putting forth the idea that we can have daily victory in our lives.

Our text says to put on the Lord Jesus Christ! This means to be submissive to the Lord. Before we seek to pursue a temptation stop and ask yourself, “Would Jesus be glorified in this?” Putting on Jesus means to walk in the light as He is in the light. It means to be Spirit-Filled. It means to conduct your life in such a way as to honor the Lord in all that you do. Every child of God, to some degree or another, desires this in their soul. Instead of providing the property, funds, and building materials for sin to have its arena in your life, cancel the order, and not fulfill the lusts of your flesh.

We must remember that when we resist the Devil he will flee. If we scrap sin’s building program, we will honor Jesus and not live after our flesh. God will help us exercise spiritual discipline and enable us to gain victory over those wicked sins that we once fell victim to so often. Yes, we can have victory! Though we will make mistakes, God has promised us that we can overcome through Him!


What do you think?

Written by Aaliawilliam



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