Three Ways to Include Exercise in Your Day

The key to exercise is making sure you addGS-85Blood Sugar Review it to your daily routine. You don’t have to necessarily set aside 30 minutes each day all at once. Instead, you could do your exercise in spurts. For instance, maybe you take a 10 minute walk during your lunch break at work. By adding in these small segments of exercise, it all adds up and helps you to burn off excess blood sugar and lose some of your excess weight. You can do all kind of activities to add more activity to your day. Let’s talk about a few of those.

First of all, start focusing on taking the stairs whenever possible. Even if there’s an elevator or an escalator, find the stairs and use those. This will help get your heart rate up and burn off some excess calories.

Next, make sure you usually park as far away from the store as feasibly possible. You want to give yourself a brisk walk to and from the store. So many people try to find the closest spot which keeps them from being able to burn off calories while they are just doing their regular shopping.

Third, make sure you find exercises that are fun for you to do. If you don’t look forward to doing your chosen exercise, you will never do it. So, look for any exercise you enjoy like swimming, riding a bike, or even taking a Zumba fitness class at your local health club. By taking part in exercise you like, that you really enjoy, you are more apt to keep it up and lose more weight and be generally fitter.


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