5 People You Never Knew Had Psoriasis

You have probably heard of Comrade StalinSkinCell Pro Review. As the de facto ruler of the Soviet Union, he was responsible for pulling the Iron Curtain across Europe and creating a regime that killed a minimum of 10 million people – in work-camps called gulags, by using death squads nicknamed “Black Ravens”, and other means.

His two major itches were the West and psoriasis, both of which he couldn’t scratch. It was a source of great irritation to the dictator, who even had one Dr Kazakow executed after his controversial lysate treatment failed to work!

Would Papa Stalin have been such a homicidal maniac if his psoriasis went away?This Colombian drug lord extraordinaire was responsible for a lot of white stuff. I’m not talking about his white, flaky scales here, but about cocaine.Pablo ‘El Patrón’ Escobarsmuggled tonnes of the powder into America every day, using everything from planes to 2 remote controlled submarines! Eventually he built up the Medellín Cartel into an empire, with his personal worth being $9 billion. 

Rumour has it that Escobar got into the drug trafficking business after someone told him to try out a few drug treatments for his psoriasis… just kidding.


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