Ankle Sprains What Are They?

Ankle sprains are the most common sportJointPain Hack Review injury and occur thousands of time each week. Of course, they can also happen in daily life and high heels are responsible for many a sprained ankle! Intensely painful, they seriously disrupt daily living as well as get in the way of your continued enjoyment of sport.

Given that ankle sprains are the most common sports injury, it is surprising how little they are understood and how often the term is misused. A sprain is the term used to describe a painful lesion on one or more ligaments, without the joint being dislocated.

What are the ligaments? The ligaments link one bone to another to form a joint. They are made up of several bundles and they are especially vulnerable to sports injuries because they are not very easily extended. When there is a shock or an unnatural movement, the ligament can find itself stretched beyond the extent which it can comfortably accommodate.

In a mild sprain, this can be just a simple elongation of the ligament as it is stretched. In a severe sprain, the ligament may rupture completely.

Typical symptoms include pain and swelling. It’s time to get out the first aid kit! In the ankle, a sprain most commonly affects the external lateral ligament. This is the anterior talofibular ligament – which has the dubious claim to fame of being the most frequently sprained ligament in the human body.


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