Sugar Peak After Meal Solution You Will Be Surprised!

The “Guideline for Management of PostmealNucentixGS-85 Review Glucose” report was carried out by an international panel of diabetes specialists for the International Diabetes Federation. They examined the sugar peak after meal and found that lowering the postmeal plasma glucose is as vital or even more so than obtaining the optimum HbA1c levels.

People without diabetes have sugar levels that seldom go higher than 7.8 mmol/l after a heavy holiday meal and these usually go back to normal reading two to three hours after food consumption. It is therefore the opinion of the experts that the diabetics should not have their blood glucose rise above the 7.8 mmo/l after meals.

Naturally they were concerned that this is not the case. They found as many as 71% had a mean, two hour after meal, plasma glucose of more than 14 mmol/l. Among 3284 type 2 diabetics, they found the after meal plasma glucose rose above 8.9 mmol/l which is equivalent to 160 mg/dl at least one time in 84% of the cases.

They know that this can sometimes do more damage than the consistently high blood glucose level. There is for instance the possible link between hyperglycemia and oxidative stress that leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels and therefore high blood pressure.


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