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Google is the most obvious place to conduct reverse email lookups (just Google for the email address), but if that person has no website or has never used their email address in public forums, Google will be of little use.

No worry. If you only know a person's email address and nothing more, here are some ways to help you discover the mysterious email sender's identity.

1.  How to Locate an Individual by Email Address 

Step 1: Enter email address in a search engine. The results could be anything from a personal webpage to a school or work webpage that shows the email address. You'll get various search engine results. You may find that the email address is valid, or you may find a website that includes personal information such as addresses or phone numbers.

Step 2: Enter a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account. Use the email address in “search” or “find” links to find friends on these pages. If the person with that particular site has a social networking account and used his email address to sign up for it, you'll find him that way.

Using finder text. Most email finders, like People Look Up, 1Net Central, and Yahoo. Most are paid programs, but some have free trials or basic information. Type the email address into these reverse look-ups, and if there's any web-based information about someone who's connected to his email address, the finder will send it. Not all of them look ups reverse. Others will require you to put various pieces of information.

2. Using sender IP address 

location is the only thing you need to locate sender location. It's extremely easy to use Gmail.

Open the target email and choose the first. Then press the message header. “Received: from” field includes a square bracket IP address. Use last IP if there are many entries. The locate box will contain IP address. All the sender's location data will appear.

3. LexisNexis

In serious research, LexisNexis ‘ public records and private database cover hundreds of millions of people and companies.

4. Yasni 

Yasni rates social networks, site, forums, Amazon wishlists, and their own records for whomever you want. If your quest is fruitless, you can quickly create a missing ad.

5. Find the email sender via Facebook network!

About 450 million people worldwide use Twitter. It may seem that the person you received the message also has a profile on this website.

There is no “scan by e-mail” functionality on most social networking websites. Facebook's one exception. It allows you to search by email address. Facebook search box will insert the email address. Anyone with such email address will be shown in minutes.

6. EmailSherlock 

EmailSherlock smartly scans archives and public records, but also web services such as online calendars, to retrieve the person's data and information behind an email address.

7. InfoTracer 

InfoTracer aggregates publicly available information— social security records, forums, business ownerships, and more— for name, location, and email address search.

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