Do Aspirin and Chromium Really Help Relieve Symptoms of Diabetes?

It is amazing after so many years of companiesBloodSugar Formula Review making false claims that people still believe the claims these companies make. It is true some people may get a placebo effect from these products but the majority of people are simply misled into wasting time and money on unproductive attempts to improve their diabetic conditions.


A couple of products that have been recently touted for their positive effects on people with diabetes are aspirin and chromium. We should be very careful to investigate the validity of the claims.

Aspirin has not been proven to show any improvement in the health of people with diabetes. It is true that in some cases aspirin may cause a decrease in blood glucose levels but this only happens when aspirin is combined with sulfonylurea drugs. Even in these situations, however, the results are sporadic. The effect may be from something entirely unrelated that is yet to be pinpointed.

A survey of the news media will show that there are a lot of articles being written about chromium as a treatment for diabetes. However, almost all of these articles are based mostly on a single study that was done in China on type 2 diabetics. In this study, very large doses of chromium did seem to provided diabetics with lower levels of blood glucose, leading to lower insulin requirements. The study participants also had improvements in their cholesterol levels and hemoglobin A1C.



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