Is There A Herbal Cure For Diabetes Mellitus

There are generally three types of diabetes.BloodSugar Formula ReviewType one diabetes which is the most dangerous one and ten there is type 2 and lastly gestational diabetes which affects women who are going through pregnancy. Diabetes is caused due to insufficient production of insulin in the body.

Although in type 1 diabetes you have to take regular insulin injection but in type 2 diabetes there are things you can do to lead a normal life. Let us lay out some of the things you should do combat diabetes mellitus.

Obesity with diabetes is a very lethal combination and if you have been diagnosed with diabetes then first start a fitness regime to lose that extra fat on the belly.

Change in the diet is the foremost thing to do when diagnosed with diabetes. A person should be clear in his mind about the stuff he should be avoiding and eating. Foods and fruits which are rich in sugar content shall never be eaten while vegetables like bitter gours, karela and amla have been found to be very effective for diabetes patients as they are helpful in maintaining glucose levels.


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