Top 6 Ways How To Maintain Science Laboratory (Lab) Equipment 

As we all know that laboratory equipment is important for the lab while doing experiments.

How to keep science laboratory equipment?

If you are looking for an experiment within your budget and run effectively without any risk so you must take care of your laboratory and maintains it regularly. For the maintenance of science laboratory you must take some initiatives like:

1. Sanitation: cleanliness plays an important role in maintaining laboratory equipment properly. You must clean it regularly and deeply so that the dust on equipment can out and makes your equipment faster than before. Making your equipment comfortable and affordable, you must carry out all the dirt from equipment exteriors and must take the consultant from the lab manager for the safety of the equipment.

2. Repairs: lab equipment needs monthly repairs for instant work. It always needs the up to date repairs and maintenance for its flexible work and fast work.

What are the lab safety rules and guidelines? 

While maintains your science laboratory you must have a look over its safety rules and guidelines.

For the avoidance of the disasters in the lab then you must have to set laboratory safety rules for the proper experiments. Lab managers and advisers have updated with so many safety rules and guidance that how to avoid such kind of situations if ever happens with you.

It also provides you the ignorance of the proper execution of the experiments in lab. Knowing the proper laboratory safety signs and symbols is very important for the effective enforcement of the laboratory.

These rules are: 

1. General lab protection rules:

These rules that associate with almost every laboratory plus should be involved in most security policies. It aids you to embrace how to respond in the case of an emergency, proper signage, safety devices, securely utilizing laboratory equipment, as well as basic common-sense rules.

• Always read all the fire alarms and safety signals when you are on the spot, it must follow the guidelines in the event of an accident or incident in an emergency.

• You must be fully oblivious about the facilities procedures which are given to you.

• make sure that you know where the entire lab's safety equipment is placed. It includes all the first aid kits, fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, and safety showers. You must also know how to use it properly.

2. Housekeeping safety rules: 

For the maintenance of a safe laboratory, you must apply the housekeeping safety rules.

• make sure to keep your work area clean and good.

• keep only those materials which you require for the laboratory. It must be stored safely out of the way.

• Only lightweight items should be stored on top of cabinets and heavier items should be placed down.

3. Dress code safety rules: 

Must wear all the safety dresses like glasses, coat to prevent you from incidents.

• Always tie your hairs in the back

• must wear loose clothes

• avoids wear shorts or skirts in the lab

•never wear sandals and any open toes shoed; always cover your foot completely.

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