The Association Between High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

One of the ways to decrease your cholesterol isBloodPressure Support Reviewto be mindful of your diet or the foods that you eat. You need to be aware of your food intake so that you will be able to control it and decrease your bad cholesterol intake. For those who really have shooting cholesterol levels, their physicians may prescribe them with medications which can decrease the cholesterol levels.

People who have increased levels of cholesterol should stay away from red meat because consuming red meat will just increase the bad cholesterol in the body. It would be best to avoid eating preserved meat such as bacon and sausages because apparently, these contain numerous ingredients that would not only increase the cholesterol but also your BP.

For those who have increased BP, increasing intake of soluble fiber would help a lot. One good source of soluble fiber would be oatmeal. Eating oatmeal would help a lot in your attempt to decrease the bad cholesterols that can cause heart problems and even stroke.

Aside from diet and medication, another way to keep your body healthy is to have a regular exercise. Having a regular exercise will help in facilitating your blood circulation to ensure that there are no clots and that your body receives adequate blood. In addition to that, exercise can also keep your body healthy by eliminating those unwanted fats. If you want, you can try exercising on a Swiss ball and have it on a regular basis.


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