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Most of the women today are working women, and one of the things that they have a tough time doing is choosing the right clothing and accessories to wear to work. This is because women are more easily judged than men. They are straightforwardly judged depending upon what they wear. 

This is why it becomes very critical for a woman to be very careful with what she is choosing to wear to work. As the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, we, at Aura Jewels, understand this problem, and thus have come up with a list of the most professional and classy diamond jewellery pieces a woman can wear to work; and, we have done this keeping our focus on one of the most caring and important professions – therapy. A therapist of any sort will involve lots of meetings and consultations, meaning interaction with a lot of clients and people. This means you have to look presentable and professional at all times.


You need to sport elegant earrings that enhance the look of your face, yet don’t show off too much. They should be graceful and appealing that look good with your formal wear. One of the best options here are stud earrings. Wear them in any design, metal, and stone, and stud earrings are going to always look the best for formal wear. However, if you want something more feminine, you could opt for small hoops or drop earrings. Whatever you choose, it must be as minimalistic as possible, and look professional and formal.


Sporting a simple chain with a pendant can be the most professional type of neckpiece one can wear with formal wear attire. As a therapist, there are a variety of pendant types you can wear. Wearing one’s initial is the most common pendant one can wear. The next most popular symbol is wearing your own zodiac sign. If you are religious, you could also opt to wear a religious pendant. It could be an “Om”, a Christian cross, a swastik, or any other symbolic religious pendant.


Rings are one of the most admirable jewellery pieces of women. these tiny elements enhance the look of the fingers and the hands, and bring a whole new personality to the lady. You may wear any number of rings in your fingers as you like, but you must always remember to not overdo it. Even if you wear rings in all five fingers of your hand, you must keep the design minimalistic, such that it does not look too gaudy. After all, as a therapist, your dramatic usage and waving of hands imply that there should be the least distraction. So, we would suggest you wear only one single classy ring in your finger that could be a band, a ring with a single diamond, or a channel set diamond ring.


Just like rings, even a bracelet can enhance the look of your hand. But, you need to be very selective in the choice of your bracelet too. A tennis bracelet is the most common type of bracelet that working women sport. A single row of diamonds lends an aesthetic appeal to a professional attire. Or, you can also choose a more elegant string of pearls, or a pearl bracelet in rose gold, encrusted with a single row of diamonds.


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