High Pressure Pool Tile Cleaning Services

There are multiple options for choice when it comes to pool tiles – ceramic, glass, natural stone, and porcelain. No matter what material you choose for your pool surface, it meant to be cleaned regularly to keep it look textured and clean.

Our high-pressure dry ice blasting method is one of the best techniques for pool maintenance and cleaning. It works effectively on each surface and does not affect the material. If you’re noticing dislodges tiles or their color has waned over time, you may contact us for pressure media blasting for pool tile Clark NJ cleaning services. We use the most appropriate abrasives for blasting to ensure excellent end results without harming your property.

Keeping the pool in optimum condition does involve more things than just basic vacuuming and maintenance. It is important to remove calcium deposits and limescale that collect over your tile surface. Once you contact our company for removing a white scaly layer from your pool edges, our professionals arrive at your property and take necessary steps after inspection.

We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to keep our work eco-friendly and non-abrasive. Hard water deposits are usually found on the upper rows of the tiles that surround your swimming pool and because of this, you will likely only need to have it drained for a few inches to remove the deposits. We have a professional team that has the skills and experience necessary to perform this task for you.

We specialize in removing stubborn calcium scales from pools. It can be a difficult task for common homeowners to remove those tough white stains and restore the surface to its original state. Our Clark pool maintenance service includes cleaning any stains using effective dustless blasting and dry ice blasting machines. Our skilled technicians operate these machines to clean your pool and make it look brighter like before.

All our services are environment-friendly and we don’t use chemicals and even don’t use additional tools like razor blades or pumice stones because our blasting machine is capable of removing contamination in one go. For any type of surface cleaning services, contact us today!

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Central Jersey Dustless Blasting provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective way of stripping paint, primer, epoxy, even rust from almost any surface, including, concrete, asphalt, brick, vinyl siding, masonry, stone, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and wood.


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