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Friend of the sea label ensures that your fleets and fisheries are not harming the marine animals.FOS gives certification based on different criteria (geography, Ecology, Scale, etc). The new Friend of the Sea requirement for non-entangling FADs is expected to drastically reduce the mortality rate of these endangered species.


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Friend of the Sea is currently a project of the World Sustainability Organization, an international trademark registered with humanitarian and environmental conservation mission. Friend of the Sea has become the leading certification standard for products and services which respects and protects the marine environment. The certification awards sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal and Omega 3 Fish Oil. Friend of the Sea also promotes pilot projects related to restaurants, sustainable shipping, whale and dolphin-watching, aquaria, ornamental fish, UV creams and others.

Friend of the sea starts Sustainable Seafood Restaurants Project to Promote Certified Sustainable Seafood. It satisfies the genuine consumer need and, at the same time, selects and rewards restaurants that serve at least one of Friend of the Sea certified products.



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