The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel – Is it Just Hype, Or a Breath of Fresh Air

In a time when people are frantically seeking methods to Fat Loss Miracle Review   shed excess weight without torturing ourselves with impossible diets and exercise regimes, the Gabriel Method is like a breath of fresh air.


The most beautiful thing about it is the fact that this is a book based on a true-life story – the story of its author, Jon Gabriel. He is a Wharton science graduate and a reputed and experienced research scientist, who weighed about 400+ pounds in 2001 and managed to drop it to less than 175 pounds by 2004.

Before you even get an inkling of what the book would advise you, you will see the drastic transformation of a 400+ pounds morbidly obese giant turn into a regular and very handsome 175 pounds man. There was no surgery, no dieting and no heavy pumping of iron in a gym. According to his book, this was achieved by just tuning in to the body’s own balance system and willing it to happen. Can such a thing be possible? Jon Gabriel is the walking testimony of the fact that this is indeed possible.



What do you think?

Written by Hadriel Sam


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