Expert Tips to Breeze Through Small Office Renovation

Renovating a small office can prove to be highly challenging. You are not only limited by space but also have to be highly creative to do justice to the space available for use.

But don’t worry because we will recommend some practical and workable solutions to maximize the limited area without making it feel cluttered.  

So what can you do to make your office look more spacious? This article will tell you how. 

Design a functional layout

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when planning an office renovation, especially on a budget, is to design a functional. Look at your space objectively and decide the best way to use it. You can ask questions like should you define workspace by activity or department? Will employees be able to move around easily? Will it better to give them individual desks or consider a hybrid layout? Do you want to create an atmosphere of visibility or openness or give your employees privacy? Answering these questions will give you the clarity to handle the space more practically.  

Avoid using clunky pieces of furniture

When you are renovating office and you have a limitation of space, then now would not be the time to go big. Instead, you can consider using small pieces that are more functional and multi-purpose. Not sure what that would look like? Just go online and type helpful search phrases like Office System Furniture Singapore to come up with various designs available and store information where you can buy them. Go minimal in your design and select smaller models to make your office feel more roomy and accessible.  

Keep your future goals in mind

When renovating your office, you may want to start small but don’t overlook your future needs. Keep your furniture and office space scalable, keeping your business expansion plans in mind. You can do that by buying furniture that can be adjusted with time and used in different ways.  

Use natural light to your advantage

The best way to create an illusion of space is to use natural lighting to your advantage. During office renovation planning, consider expanding the size of your windows so that it can bring in more natural light. Also make sure that you don’t end up blocking the windows by placing file cabinets and desks in its way.  

Choose your colours wisely

When choosing the right colours for your office design, it is best to go light to make your office will look bigger and airy. Look for white shades or something more neutral to create an illusion of wider space. If you want to use bold colours, then keep them as accent walls. In a small office, accent walls can create an area of interest and a dramatic appearance, saving it from looking bland. You can also use accent colours on fixtures such as chairs, artwork etc. This is also a good opportunity to incorporate your company’s colours into your design.  

Build storage vertically

If you want to free up the space on the floor, then you must make use of vertical space. You can install shelves and storage options on the wall. You can put up a white board, projection, bulletin board etc. on the wall rather than using standees. As far as storage is concerned, you would need to be a tad more creative than the old school file cabinets. You can consider installing floating shelves, monitor risers, wall caddies etc. to create additional storage space.  

Keep your technological needs in mind

When renovating your office space, you need to keep the tech needs in mind. Would you provide a desktop computer to each of your employees or will you equip them with laptops? In any case, you would have to equip them with electrical floor outlets to avoid creating a messy web of wires that is not only unsightly but also a hazard.  

When you are planning to remodel and renovate your office, you can sit with your IT team to take their inputs. Alternatively, you can also hire an office renovation company that specializes in small spaces to help you manage of these aspects. They will coordinate with your company’s respective departments on your behalf to assess their requirements and then incorporate them in the design plan.  

Add more plants

Not many people know this but adding some greenery to your office will serve not just the purpose of aesthetics but also make the space look more inviting. It also helps in reducing noise levels and positively impact your employees’ efficiency by combating stress, anxiety, depression etc.  

These are some tips that you must discuss with your office renovation service provider or keep in mind before you undertake the project!


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