How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

Skin Pigmentation, or your skin's tendency to  Lifting & Firming Cream Review   develop dark spots is caused by a tendency to form excess melanin. As we age, the pigment in our skin can begin to look darker or more uneven. These dark spots are called melasma, while hyperpigmentation is caused by skin trauma (insect bites, scratches, razor burn and even acne).

There are many options in treating hyperpigmentation: laser therapy, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. They work by removing or resurfacing the top layers of skin, patients experience brighter, lighter looking skin.

For those looking for a less expensive option, skin lighteners can help. Over-the-counter pigment changing products work by:

* Slowing or shutting down melanin production in the skin.

* Removing existing melanin cells from the epidermis.

* Preventing the transfer of melanin cells to the upper layer of the epidermis.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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