Best Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Services in Clark NJ

Dry Ice Blasting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning and restoration procedures. In this method, small dry ice pellets are used as blasting media and these pellets are shoot through a jet nozzle with compressed air to clean off or prepare a surface.

We have been providing the best Clark NJ cleaning services to a large customer network in the area. We employ this high-pressure power jet washing machine that works just like sandblasting but yields superior outcomes. Dry Ice Blast offers a popular cleaning process that can decrease clean-up time by up to 85%, determined by the application and kill optional waste, bringing about a critical revolution in general cleaning costs as per mechanical pioneers.

Effective Method

The freezing temperature of the dry ice blasting Central NJ device against the material helps to remove any contamination or coating because it causes to shrink and unfasten adhesion from an existing surface. Apart from this, this is considered a piercing method because the dry ice when blown to the surface can penetrate even the hard materials like wood and aluminum and when it gets in contract, it can remove the thick unwanted layer from a surface.  


The solid dry Ice pellets are basically made of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that when they are rendered to a surface they instantly dissolve back into carbon dioxide gas that eventually sublimes into the atmosphere. Unlike other methods of cleaning services, this method does not involve residue that you need to clean after the project. Whether its paint, grease, oil, soot, dirt, or other coatings, this blasting process is compelling when you want to restore your items or want to do fire damage restoration Clark without damaging the environment.

Reduced Downtime

If you run a restaurant, hotel, factory, or bar you would want to get the cleaning tasks done as soon as possible to reduce the downtime. On the other, in a fire accident event, you need immediate extinguishing and restoration services that could help you salvage valuable items and property. Dry ice blasting is a significantly quicker process that aids fire damage restoration effectively without leaving secondary waste.

 If you’re looking for the best dry ice cleaning company in Clark, NJ or near in adjacent counties, you may contact Central Jersey Dustless Blasting.


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Written by Nathan Clark

Central Jersey Dustless Blasting provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective way of stripping paint, primer, epoxy, even rust from almost any surface, including, concrete, asphalt, brick, vinyl siding, masonry, stone, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and wood.


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