Tips To Keep Your Home Temple Pious And Clean

No matter what era you start to explore, you will always find a temple in every Indian home. And as it is very well said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”, it is highly imperative to keep your home temple clean to maintain its piousness.

Wondering how you can do this inspite of your busy schedule?

Well, why worry when we are here?

We have got for you some super-duper tips that will help you in cleaning the surface and walls of your wooden home temple along with cleaning all the figures of God you have established there.

Let’s check these out.

    • Salt, Vinegar And Lemon For Your Copper Idols: It is true that copper idols look very pretty in every wooden temple. But it is also true that it does take a toll on your hands to clean them. Because one, it is hard to go into all of those details. Two, it is even harder to find the right power or liquid to clean them. But this won’t happen now. Because this combination of lemon, salt and vinegar will magically clean all of your copper idols. Just take some salt in a bowl and add a couple of drops of vinegar to that. Now take a slice of lemon and apply this mixture on the surface of it. After this, all you got to do is gently scrub this on to the surface of your copper idols.

    • Toothpaste To Bring Back the Shine Of Your Silver Utensils: If you pray regularly, you know how fast silver utensils lose their shine. But here we have an easy peasy method of cleaning that will bring back the shine of your silver utensils in seconds. Just take toothpaste of pea size on a toothbrush and gently rub that on your object. You will yourself see all the black-ish substance coming out of the utensils in front of your eyes.  

    • A Slice of Lemon For Brass Bells: A lot of us might have idols of God in brass but we will surely have bells made up of brass in our wooden mandir, don’t we? So, how do we clean these bells? Well, it is actually the simplest to clean them. All you need is a slice of lemon. Rub that all over the surface of the bell and you will have a shining new bell ready in your hands in minutes.

    • Only Plain Water And Soap To Clean the Clothes of Out Idols: How do you generally do this? If you try to get into a complex method to clean the clothes, you need to try this one out. Just take a bowl of clean water and add liquid or power soap or detergent to that. Not gently rub the piece of cloth until and unless you are satisfied. After this, you can leave that under the sun for drying for a while and the fresh and clean clothes for your idol will be ready in an hour or so.

    • Olive Oil For Wooden Doors Of Your Wooden Temple Of Wood: If your mandir for home has wooden doors, here is how you can clean them. Dip a few cotton balls in olive oil and rub that gently on to the doors or any other surface of the pooja ghar that is made up of wood.

These simple tips will surely come handy when you get on to cleaning your prayer units. Try these and then do let us know your experience.


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