Some Unique Benefits of China Zinc Die Casting

Often engineers prefer to use lightweight material for designing components and parts of several industrial needs. And just because of the weight, zinc is not considered for designing die casting applications. Many applications require that their parts should be of lighter weight and that’s why engineers use aluminium and magnesium. Due to this reason zinc is overlooked. But on the other side, if we look upon the economical viewpoint, then zinc is more economical. At a quick glance, we can see that China zinc die casting should not be used much commonly. But if we look at the entire China zinc die casting, then there are various benefits which make us think zinc to be used for designing.


Zinc is the fluid alloy and China zinc die casting manufacturers like working with it. Most of the time engineers don’t realize that because zinc has greater fluidity, the China zinc die casting applications made thinner. Because of zinc, there is no need for secondary operations that otherwise are needed in case of aluminium and magnesium alloys. With zinc, the parts become lighter and help you save a lot of material cost during melting and recycling.

Cycle Time

During the China zinc die casting process, the molten metal is injected into the die to create the part. When the metal gets solidifies, the part is ejected from the tool. Now the cooling time in the tool relies upon the alloy and the size of the part. Zinc uses hot chamber die casting process which gives four to five shots per minute. Whereas aluminium is an old chamber die casting alloy and gives two to three shots per minute. So with zinc, cycle time is less and can help in having less cost incurred for the part to be made. So using China zinc die casting can help you to save a lot on costs.

Apart from these, there are various other benefits of zinc alloy in comparison to other alloys and make you achieve lower cost of the overall die casting process. So make use of China zinc die casting alloy and achieve lower costs in the parts manufacturing.


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