Features Of Nitrogen Generators Used In Labs

The analytical instruments usually contain nitrogen gas and are generally supplied with the help of nitrogen generators. These nitrogen generators are used in the laboratories and the pure nitrogen is produced with the help of pushing a single button. The nitrogen generators are never empty, unlike the gas cylinders that are often used in the laboratories. Hence this is one of the most efficient ways to generate nitrogen for supplying it in an analytical instrument.  Nitrogen is also considered an inert gas and therefore it doesn’t react with any chemicals or elements. The gas is also available in plenty of amounts and it can be used by the laboratory operators easily.

In the olden days, the nitrogen gas was supplied in the bottles or cylinders from the nitrogen plant most closest to their laboratory. This was a good method but this took several days for them to supply. The bottles and cylinders were further supplied to the MS instrument. The nitrogen generators work on the principle of adsorption concept that is further based on the concept of fixing the different mixtures of the gas with the use of a solid substance also known as adsorbent. This technology of production of air to nitrogen with the help of adsorption processes is basically applied by the industrial facilities in order to recover highly pure nitrogen gas. But as the times have advanced, many laboratories have shifted from traditional gas supplies to nitrogen suppliers. There are various types of nitrogen generators that are currently in use:

  • Reaping Purest Form Of Nitrogen 

The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator helps in the production of highly pure nitrogen from the environmental air without the help of a membrane system. This purity is further ensured with the help of cryogenic systems that is although a complex but can be done. The nitrogen gas is completely environmental friendly as well as sustainable. These nitrogen generators are therefore the best when looking for clean nitrogen gas for laboratories.

  • The Best And The Safest Solution

In earlier times, manual labour was required to move the heavy cylinders filled with nitrogen but with the help of nitrogen generators, this work has reduced and manual labour is no longer required for moving them. The work of the administrative staff has also decreased as they are no longer required to make long registers of receiving the cylinders and paying their fee. The burden of keeping has been reduced. Moreover, the prices of the cylinders used to fluctuate according to the charges of the gas, but with the advent of generators, this burden has also lessened. Also, no environmental hazards can happen with generators.

  • All The Problems Are Eliminated  

The bottles and cylinders of gas can be used up in a few days as the work of the laboratories is quite a lot but the generators don’t have a similar problem. Since the gas never finishes, there is no break in the work. The work can run smoothly with the help of nitrogen generators. These generators are the best for the application and they are also very helpful in the laboratories.

  • Nitrogen Generators With Pressure Swing Adsorption 

The pressure swing adsorption system works just like membrane nitrogen generators. The gas is compressed with the atmospheric air with the help of a compressor. The only difference is that the gas doesn’t get passed through a membrane but through a tightly packed column through a specific pressure which is also called carbon molecular sieve. This process allows the molecules of nitrogen to pass whereas the larger oxygen molecules are adsorbed easily by the carbon molecular sieve leaving behind only pure oxygen.

  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators 

It is used where the atmospheric air totally needs to be compressed with the air compressor and it is then passed from a hollow fibre membrane that further helps in filtering out the parts of the air and only leaves pure nitrogen gas behind. Other than this there are more nitrogen generators that include various other stages of filtering before reaching the final membrane. It helps to remove other particles like moisture and dust in the gas. The mesh filters are also used in the process of nitrogen generation and they help in removing the particles of air whereas the air dryers are used for removing the moisture. Along with pure nitrogen gas, it also provides other extra filtration stages that help to protect the membrane.

Generators As The Best For The Laboratories

The laboratories have a lot of work that cannot be catered only with the help of cylinders and bottles and therefore nitrogen generators have come up which are absolutely the best for carrying out all the processes.

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