Cloud Computing – Value To Business

Cloud Computing is by far one the most innovative and advanced technology that we are witnessing right now. It brings balance to any company and is gaining a lot of steam among businesses. It has become very popular among the businesses because it offers considerable savings together with security, enormous capacity, and a host of managed services. Organizations ranging from startups to big organizations have opted for cloud computing and find it beneficial in many terms. Cloud computing helps to launch applications, store their data and automate processes. Let us see how cloud computing a value to a business.


Lower Cost

The bottom line for any business which is looking to adopt new technology is to save money. Cloud computing offers the best return on investment and the best thing about cloud computing that it reduces the cost of hardware as it doesn’t need any hardware and everything on providers’ servers. You don’t need any space for power, security, insurance, air conditioning and cost of ongoing maintenance. You’ll only pay for the level of computing resources you consume, which lowers the upfront cost.

Fast Performance

In order to stay competitive, cloud service providers need to continually update their technology to meet the demands of their customers. And in return, they offer high performing servers with technology such as powerful CPU’s and super fast SSD drives. Your company may have the best IT professionals but they won’t be able to provide server reliability and uptime like a large cloud service provider can provide. With the cloud service provider in India, you have zero percent chances of your app and website going down.


With Cloud hosting, a business is protected in various ways like hacking, infection and internal data theft. Cloud computing uses stringent security regulations in order to provide security. This includes the use of robust firewall technology that features intrusion prevention systems and in-flow virus protection. These detect and isolate threats before they reach your server.  

Flexible Working

Cloud computing provides the best work flexibility to the companies and it’s employees. As it is internet-based, staff can access files both in and out of the workplace, enabling them to work remotely or in the office. Many companies are using this to give employees more flexible working conditions and to cut down on the amount of office space they need. Many businesses now have a ‘bring your own device (BYOD) policy which is backed up by the use of a logical access authentication protocol to ensure security.

Here are a few reasons why cloud computing is the best technology in the market. Many companies are looking for network infrastructure services in order to get the benefits of cloud computing.



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Written by Rahul jain

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