Your Ultimate Guide To A Result-Oriented Realtor Website

Getting the right realtor website design for your website is your first step towards enjoying the benefits of having a robust online presence. And the SEO aspect is its lifeline.

Today sites are considered as the number one income generators for businesses, and real estate is not an exception. The search engine optimization SEO is a popular mode of marketing websites and has recently been on the rise since websites fight to be ranked higher.

When you are looking for a great realtor website design, it is imperative to understand everything about the process. You will first need to look for a professional web developer, and the first quality they must have is knowledgeability. That will help them in incorporating everything you will need to stay ahead of your competitors.  

The listed below are some or everything you need to know about SEO that will help you face and beat your competitors.

The website

A great realtor website developer will understand that you are in a highly competitive business. With that knowledge, they will help you in setting a foundation for an SEO friendly website. First, when setting it up, they will incorporate a blog page. The page will not only help in relaying valuable information to the website's visitors, but it will help in the publishing of SEO friendly content.

Your designer should also assist you in drafting SEO friendly URLs; they are easy to share, and they provide a better user experience. Going about it is simple, it is achieved through;

  1. Shortening URLs by removing unnecessary words
  2. Including the target keyword for every page
  3. The use of hyphens when separating words
  4. Avoiding stop words

The art of using simple paragraphs

When writing a post on your blog page, it is imperative noting that lengthy articles do not translate to success. If you want attention, write highly relevant information, and keep the sentences short. Two to three sentences per paragraph are excellent.

Optimize images

If you want to improve your readers' experience, then you should consider optimizing and including images to your content. Since Google can't read images, it can effectively translate the material in the image and use it to define the content. Making that happen will need you to use proper file names, descriptive titles, Alt texts, or captions.

Mobile compatibility

The smartphone and tablet use stands at 56% of the global population, and the average user of these devices spends not less than six hours each day online. This means that these devices are no longer luxury items. As more and more individuals shift from using personal computers to their mobile devices, your developer should factor that in. Your realtor website design might be impressive on the computer, but when achieving mobile compatibility, the content must not change.

Keep the content fresh

Investing your time and money in making the website might not bear long term fruits if you don't keep on updating the content. Updating might be a requirement by Search engines, but you are the primary beneficiary. Having a reputation for updating fresh informative and valuable content will make web users troop to your website hence improving your chances of getting clients.

Social media

A great developer will understand that today social media have billions of users. These colossal numbers can be used to reach out to more prospects and turn them into actual clients. Integrating your realtor website with various social media can be used for marketing purposes or to relay information. The benefit of using social media is that you may not need to do all the marketing work.

When developing your realtor website, an excellent developer will incorporate great designs to the social media buttons, which will encourage the users to share your site on their social media.

Meta description optimization

This is a summary of a website's content, and search engines publish it beneath your title to encourage readers to click on your blog post. It should consist of anywhere between 150 to 160 words, the secret to attaining this optimization is using your main keyword and fitting it naturally on your description.

Structure your content

A realtor website must be catchy, informative, and must appear trustworthy, and an excellent web developer will set the foundation for that. The information published will be according to your wish as much as your developer will guide you. You will need to try your best and be straight to the point, but you must not miss the main points.

This format also applies to the blog section; you will need to invest in catchy titles and information that transitions from point to point. As you focus on that, you should make sure standard formats apply in the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Final take

Your first step towards enjoying a robust online presence starts with getting the right realtor website design from a professional. Once that is done, you will need to make sure everything is done right to attain the desired impact, and the most crucial part is getting the content right.  


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Written by Chamsi Pirson

Chamsi Pirson is a freelance content writer and writes for a variety of  online publications. he actively writes blogs and articles related to business, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and much more. When he's not working, he likes to cook, dance, and travel.


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