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There are a lot of things that are stored in a cleanroom, which might be required for carrying out any type of experiment in the clean room. In order to protect the various things that are kept in the cleanroom, special cabinets are made from polypropylene. These polypropylene storage cabinet helps in keeping various items and materials at a safe place. Polypropylene is a special type of substance that prevents the various chemicals and  substances from getting reacted with other things. While conducting an experiment, sometimes the things that are being used often get spilled on different surface. Especially, at the place where these items are stored. Which further might result in corrosion and mixing of various chemicals and substances with each other. Thus, polypropylene storage cabinets ensure that all the items are kept at a safe place and also preventing them from coming in contact with any reactive agent. These storage cabinets are of different sizes. There are also various designs in polypropylene storage cabinet. There are a lot of benefits of using polypropylene storage cabinet. Cleanroom is a place where a scientist or technician works with various chemical and hazardous substances or chemicals, thus it is really very much important that a proper maintenance of the cleanroom is done and all the items that are present in the cleanroom should be stored safely. Therefore, a majority of laboratories around

the world use various polypropylene storage cabinets to keep their highly reactive and hazardous material protected from any kind of problem or issue . The chemical compound polypropylene has a certain chemical composition that it prevents various materials or substance from coming in reaction with different other substances or materials. Hence, all the things that are kept in the polypropylene storage cabinets are provided an environment where they are not very much reactive and does not lead to any kind of problem or issue.

Various benefits of using polypropylene storage cabinets

The polypropylene storage cabinets have a certain property and composition which separates it from any kind of storage space or cabinet that deals with storage of hazardous chemicals or substances. Thus, a bunch of benefits are there, while using polypropylene storage cabinets in cleanroom . Here, is a list of various benefits of polypropylene storage cabinets:-

  • Prevents corrosion from chemicals and other substances

Polypropylene has a certain chemical composition that is resists from getting reacted to various harmful chemicals and their fumes. Thus, in the case of polypropylene storage cabinet there is no corrosion and hence any kind of toxic substance or material can be stored in it.

  • Does not rust

Polypropylene does not get rust even after using it for many years. Though, if a stainless steel cabinet is used for storing it might get rusted after few years but in the case of polypropylene the storage cabinet will not get rusted and it will work for a much longer time than any other material.

  • Complete design

Polypropylene storage cabinet is designed in such a way that  it is completely made from polypropylene and there is no other material used in the manufacturing of it. Hence, there is not even a single material that might get rusted or corrosive. Even the small the things like locks and handles are also made of polypropylene, so to ensure a complete design that is safe from any condition.

  • Lightweight

Polypropylene as compared to any other kind of storage material, is much better and lightweight. Thus, it makes polypropylene storage cabinets very much portable and easy to move from one place and other. They cab be shifted very much easily and won’t require much man power to shift it from one place to the other. Hence, the lightweight of polypropylene storage cabinets makes it ideal for cleanrooms and laboratories.

  • Strength

Despite of being very much light weight, polypropylene storage cabinets are very much strong. They have a good structured build and are quite tough when it comes to the strength of the material. They are very much strong and can be aligned with tempered glass to make a cabinet through which you can see all the things that you have kept in the storage cabinet. Thus, it polypropylene storage cabinets ensure quality storage space for any kind of material or substance that is required in the cleanroom or laboratory.


It is pretty amazing how polypropylene storage cabinet give a whole new level of security to the substances that are kept in the cleanroom. They are helpful in making sure that all the things that are stored in it are safe and wont lead to any kind of issue or problem. Hence, itis one of the best places where you can put all your things properly and keep them safe and secure.


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