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Just as much as weddings are important, wedding anniversaries are important too. Some may celebrate their anniversaries privately as a couple; others may make the occasion merrier by celebrating it with their children too; and then there are others who make it a huge family celebration by inviting all their relatives, or even friends. Whatever your type of celebration may be, your wedding definitely calls for exchanging of gifts with your spouse. 

So, what can be the best gift you could present on this special day? We would suggest you a beautiful anniversary ring, made in gold or silver. After all, it is a day that is so special with the completion of one more year of togetherness and love. Nothing can be more special than a gold or silver ring studded with diamonds, making the gift itself special, as well as making it a way of investment too. It’s just the best way to spend as well as keep the money to yourself!

The first year anniversary ring

The first anniversary is one of the most special days one encounters in their lives. Make it even special by gifting your better half a beautiful ring. The best ring you could buy on your first anniversary is a couple band, which will show the strength of the bond that you both share as a couple. You could opt for yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver, as per your choice.

Rings for subsequent years

We don’t say that the next few coming anniversaries won't be special for you, but they would obviously be less focused upon than your first anniversary. So, how you celebrate your coming anniversaries depends upon your own personal preference; and the rings you wish to exchange also matter as per your partner’s choice and your budget. As you add more days to your blissful marital life, you will understand better what your partner’s choices are. Based on that, you can choose the preferred design, metal, and gemstone to be added.

The 25th year anniversary ring

Here comes again, yet another most special and most awaited anniversary – the 25th year anniversary. More popularly known as the “silver jubilee”, you can make the day special by gifting your partner a silver ring. Silver can mark 25 years of togetherness, and to make it even more exclusive, you can top your ring with a beautiful diamond solitaire.

The 50th year anniversary ring

There are very few lucky ones who can reach this milestone of the 50th year anniversary. And, those who reach the milestone, celebrate the anniversary with lots of enthusiasm. In fact, now-a-days, it is the children and grandchildren that arrange for a special 50th year anniversary for the special lucky couple. But, as a couple, you can make this day even more memorable by gifting your partner a special gold ring to rejoice the “golden” jubilee celebration.

While there are no hard and fast rules regarding what you choose to gift your partner on your anniversary, but the blog is only a suggestion. If you don’t wish to gift a ring every year, there is so much more that you can gift, such as bracelets, chains, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and more. Whatever your choice, you can get your special gift from a special place – Aura Jewels. This is the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can have your most unique gifts designed and customized as per your preference.

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