Best Long Code Services In India

Long Code Service is two-way communication, facilitated by dedicated long code numbers, helping businesses deliver the information they need from their customers, resulting in greater ease of action. With advanced end-to-end API integration, long codes allow SMS services to automate businesses' processes for optimal efficiency. Visit


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Fortius Infocom PVT. LTD. is one of the leading companies in Bulk SMS Services and other Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) Since Dec 2012. We assist you in implementing Bulk SMS Services aimed to increase sales revenues, improve brand presence and brand promotional offers.
In this modern communication era, it is highly important to keep in touch with technology at all times. In order to grow in this highly competitive market, one needs to be constantly in touch with its consumers/clients and Fortius Infocom PVT. LTD. Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways of sending any information to a large audience instantly. All it takes is a click and you can have bulk messages delivered throughout the country in a matter of moments.
Fortius Infocom PVT. LTD. bulk SMS service is aimed at generating consistent leads to our clients from various backgrounds. Our 24*7 Customer support team can help in choosing the right package

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