4 Impressive Display Unit Designs for Every Home

Every home is beautiful in its own way but it can become more impressive by the addition of durable home furniture. A person whether he belongs to a high class or middle-class family always dreams to have a great house where they can have ultimate comfort and style. However, the style of the homes comes only with great and elegant home furniture pieces. Display unit designs are one of them. Such a furniture piece is a complete package for home. They have great use and suit the interior of any room or home easily. People can get great designs of display units from the market place as well as online.

Wooden Street offers a great collection of wooden display unit designs that are made from high-quality material and goes well with the home interiors. The display units with WoodenStreet come in various color finishing options and designs which makes it suitable for one to choose easily. On the other hand, the price range of every display unit is reasonable and under the budget of all.

Here are some of the best display unit designs from WoodenStreet:

    1. Barrett Display Unit:

The luxurious design of this display unit is a must-have. The display unit is open and has a unique design that separates the shelf sections very easily. However, the different sizes of shelves and their division makes it useful to display various things of different sizes. The color finishing options in this design are three in total. The dimensions of the display unit are 48L X 12W X 70H. It is made from high-quality Sheesham wood which makes it durable and long-lasting. The price of this display unit with WoodenStreet is Rs.24, 299 after 42% off.

    2.  Joel Display Unit:

The people who are looking for simple and small display unit then this design is the one for them. The design has some space to display a showpiece and keep books on it. The design is made from top-notch quality of Sheesham wood which is solid and sturdy. The dimensions of the display unit are 12L X 12W X 28H. The color finishing in this design is honey, mahogany, teak, and walnut. WoodenStreet delivers this display unit within the time period of 5-7weeks under the offer price of Rs.4, 399.

    3.  Morris Display Unit

The elegantly designed Morris display unit is one of the most loved display units at WoodenStreet. It not only have enough space to keep the showpieces and books but also offers extra storage space in the form of two drawers. This is crafted from Sheesham wood which decides its long-lasting natures and solidness in various weather conditions. The color finishing options in this design are four. The dimensions of this design are 47L X 14W X 62H. WoodenStreet offers this design at the price of Rs.19, 989 after 44% discount.

    4.  Cambrey Display Unit

This design in the display unit is very unusual. On one side of the unit it has a cabinet and on the other side there is an open display unit. The shelf life of the design can be used to keep show pieces easily. There are various color finishing options in this display unit which a person can match depending on the interior of the room. The dimensions of this design are 36L X 20W X 20H. It is delivered within 5-7 weeks by WoodenStreet at the price of Rs.15, 999.

Conclusion: All these display unit designs come at offer prices and unique designs that matches the vibe of every home. However, people can get an additional 20% off on these designs by WoodenStreet.


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