Natural Sleep Aids – Beat Insomnia Without Taking Any Medication

Is it worth trying out natural sleep aids?  Resurge Review   What have you got to lose? Being unable to sleep is bad enough, tossing and turning and staring at the clock, but when you're forced to take a sleeping pill just to get some rest you also get the added bonus of a chemically induced hangover. Often it can feel like you'd have been better off taking nothing at all, not to mention the cost of medication these days.

Your alternatives can be split into a couple of groups. There are alternative pills or supplements which replace the pharmaceutical alternative. Some examples include Valarium, Melatonin and Kava root. Their use isn't recommended by sleep professionals, and in some cases is even discouraged due to their side effects.

You could try a relaxation technique such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation or visualization. If you practice any of these techniques you will see additional benefits beyond a better chance of dropping off. They can't hurt so you may as well give them a go. It can be frustrating though if they don't work and an anxiety spiral can result.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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