One Cause You Can Do Something About Now

Yeast infections can be a huge burden.  Virus Proof Protocol Review  Once we have had one they can keep coming back to annoy us and leave us feeling miserable. I remember when I got my first candida problem. I had already known a few things about yeast infections before I got it, so instantly knew I would be in a lot of trouble trying to prevent future problems. I did end up getting a second issue but luckily I found out the real reasons behind my infection and never got another one after that.

You see a lot of the information available to you often tells you to wear cotton underwear and avoid wearing tight clothing. Honestly has this actually worked for you? What does this type of problem have to do with that? Candida overgrowth doesn't occur because you wear tight fitting clothing or wear synthetic underwear, it occurs because of what you eat. It is why most Americans are overweight and obese and it is why yeast infections and other types of diseases and conditions have increased over the years. We eat too much FAT.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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