Boils: Anybody Can Get Them and Anybody Can Treat Them

Boils. The very word sends a shiver down the spine. Immunity 911 ReviewHighly common and treatable, having a boil is nothing be ashamed of or feared. In the simplest terms, a boil is just an infection under the skin. Also known as a “Furuncle,” a boil tends to be a deeper, more intensive infection of the skin and hair follicle, differentiating it from say just an ordinary pimple. But, like everyday zits, boils can also be extremely painful characterized by reddened, swollen skin and a large pus pocket. When the hardened boil eventually reaches a head, the pus filled area will result in an abscess that will need to be drained by a physician.

Can anyone get a boil? Unfortunately, yes. Anyone can get a boil but, some medical experts have stated that there are certain factors that make some people more prone to getting them than others. According to many medical professionals, the health problems that make certain people more susceptible to getting boils and other skin infections include: Diabetes, low immune systems, poor nutrition and hygiene, and exposure to harsh chemicals that may leave skin irritated. Bathing regularly with a mild soap can prevent skin irritations but, like an ordinary pimple sometimes boils can just form no matter what type of preventative measure you might have taken.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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