Avoid These 4 Foods in Your Refrigerator, Get 6 Pack Abs – What Not to Include in Your Six Pack Diet

Achieving that 6 pack in your abdominal section requires a strict six pack diet.  AlkaTone Review  Here are the top 4 food items you should never stock inside your refrigerator if you always wanted to get that lean waist line.

The first one is butter. Butter is notorious for causing many illnesses particularly related to the cardiovascular system. This is due to its effect in increasing bad cholesterol levels. Butter is loaded with unnecessary calories and contains excessive saturated fats. Be careful of butter and always choose an alternative and only use in moderation if really needed.

Next on the list is margarine. Adding margarine to your daily foods will only provide additional calories and saturated fat like the way butter does. It also increases bad cholesterol and can be a source of free radicals that can encourage the aging process.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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