The Receptive Prayer

American Christian traditions historically include, buying a Christmas tree, Thought Manifestation Review decorating it, buying presents and placing them beneath the tree, singing Christmas songs, eating Christmas food, and taking the kids to see Santa Claus where they conventionally sit on his knee and tell Santa what they want for Christmas. As childhood gives way to puberty, Santa gives way to God and instead of sitting on Santa's knee we drop down on our own knees and tell Him what we want in prayer.

Meditation, Contemplation, or Percolation

But in a growing number of American lives the “Get down on your knees and tell God what you want” edition is giving way to a “Find a comfortable seat, shut up and listen to what God has to say” form of prayer. Some call it meditation. Others call it contemplation, percolation (for coffee lovers), or even recuperation and medication due to its stress reducing, health producing, naturalistic, healing powers.

A Uniquely Receptive Form of Prayer

Regardless, there's nothing wrong with calling it prayer. It is however a uniquely receptive form of prayer in which a conscious effort is made to empty oneself of ego in an effort to give God (or Mother Nature, The Great Spirit, The Force, etc.) an opportunity to at least weigh in on the issues that you're currently wrestling with.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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