Top 11 Web Development Trends 2020 That You Can't Ignore

Since its origin, the web has perpetually evolved, we accosted many new technologies and some are yet to be launched. To be well acquainted with the latest technology has become important to stand the innovations of the time.

Here we have listed some trends in Web Development which are ruling in the present scenario and reserving their place for coming years as well with the regular upgrades and integrations with the latest technologies. If you need to know about more such web development trends or need help developing your own website in line with the latest trends, feel free to get in touch with SAGIPL WordPress development agency in Bristol. We offer cost-effective and results-driven web development and digital marketing solutions through a dedicated team at SAG IPL digital marketing agency Bristol.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain emerged about a decade ago as a way to store and transfer digital data including money. Now, even after more than 10 years of its first application release in the form of Bitcoin, the blockchain continues to impact our lives and the internet industry for good.

Many top companies are presently working on developing web solutions and software inspired by the decentralized mechanism of blockchain to store and transact valuable internet data in a peer-to-peer and transparent manner, removing the middleman. Some of the possible applications of the blockchain in web development include security, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, exchange (trading), data storage, etc.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has expanded its footprints in every sector, ranging from video games to education to healthcare. It is transforming the IT sector entirely and is envisioned as a cutting edge solution for automation. With its vast utility in many activities like filtration of various types of abusive data, recognition of emotions and creation of websites in no time, it claims to be an ad hoc for future and open avenues for AI market to reach substantial heights in the near future.

3. Chatbots

Regardless of the type of your business, Chatbots are a prerequisite to answering the clients instantly, to offer guidance to the customers in the written or auditory form to accomplish a transaction. A chatbot that functions 24/7 defines impeccable support and guarantees value addition to your business or brand. In the digital era when human intervention is curtailing down, 85% of all customer communication will become automated by 2020.

4. Package Managers

Package managers have gained tremendous popularity among the developers as they make it possible for users to install, update, manage code modules in their applications. The two most popular Javascript package managers are NPS and Bower. Facebook also recently introduced a package manager in collaboration with Google, Exponent and Yard is superseding NPM as it has the ability to fix the loopholes of NPM, particularly in respect to security, performance and constancy. For instance, NPM develops two separate versions of any module in the development environment. The lock file feature enables Yarn to connect modules to a particular version of a project which further lets developers install and use the same version on all projects.

5. Web of Connected Things

The web of things can transform everything we communicate with into computable entities.

A web-linked world of crafty things that can develop, store, share data and can be programmed to make conclusion will be a big accomplishment for the web developers in the near future. As this trend is opening its wings wide around the globe, the duties and roles of web developers must also progress with the pace with which it is expanding into the massive list of gadgets and devices that needs a web interface.

6. Rails5

Launched in 2016, Rails 5 is at infant age and faring forward towards gaining recognition among developers with some interesting and arousing inclusions such as Turbolinks 5, Action Cable, etc. Turbolinks 5 is very useful in Single Page development, such as Applications from Rails stack, offering links to get full HTML pages without the use of client-side JavaScript format. ActionCable inaugurates a new avenue to make use of WebHooks with Rails to develop real-time apps. This eases the process of notifications creation and chats features without any adjustment to ActiveRecord resources. Moreover, Rails 5 integrates its codebase with popular rails which further lets developers develop API-only apps in Rails and link them to the preferred JavaScript or native formats.

7. PHP Framework

When the topic of PHP Framework emerges out, Laravel takes all the attention. It constitutes of Object-Orientedreality based and other inciting packages that simplifies and quickens the process of web app development while assuring security. Another reason behind its popularity among the web developers is that Laravel works on MVC Architecture such as Symfony, which brings the things in order between logic & presentation.

8. Static Site Generators

Static websites developed via generators such as Jekyll let developers elevate security and ease of formation, which are shortcomings in the case of dynamic websites. These generators will need only text stored files and won’t require a database to develop websites. As APIs and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have become an important part of the web, many developers now anticipate that static site generators will become an inciting trend to bloom in the coming future.

9. Motion UI

Initially devised to bring the transitions and animation effects for the mobile applications, with its high degree of customization,  this technology is expanding its steps in other projects also. Developers are using this technology to alert users of actions/ important components and to make the project better. Like, offset delay, page header transitions, overlay, animated charts, modular scrolling, background animations, parallax, etc. It ensures the showcase of the information, the user actually needs to see.

10. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Although with the same features and functionalities like a mobile app, the Web Applications grabs the win-win badge in the competition with mobile app with its additional advantages like offline working, instant loading, reliability, facility to receive push notifications and distinctive UX.

11. Virtual Reality

When we talk about the latest technology trends, VR makes a hit with its exquisite way of giving an astonishing experience to the user. After transforming the gaming industry with innovation, it is bringing the transformational phase for the web as Google & Mozilla began working on APIs to steep users in the virtual scenario. In the upcoming years, virtual reality based apps will take a new height towards crest.

Summing up,

Your website is the online image of features and services your company or brand has to offer. It adds limitless possibilities and opens infinite opportunities for the brand or business. A website should be well-updated with the latest trends and technologies to entice new clients, restore old ones and to take the business at the next level of success as the outmoded or outdated has no place to stand in this digital era.


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