Fabric Can Be An Ideal Medium For Your Banner

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There are two main types of mediums that banners are printed on. These are either vinyl banners, or fabric banners. Fabric bannersas the name suggests are banners wherein the graphics and the text are printed on a medium of fabric. There are some significant advantages in choosing fabric banners over any other type of medium. Some of the most significant advantages are as follows: 

It is crease-free: 

Have you seen that in many instances, banners often tear in the middle or at the edges wherein the printed portion slowly starts to chip or peel away? That is because, in the case of vinyl mediums, a lot of pressure leads to considerable distortion, chipping, and peeling. However, this problem is automatically solved in the case of fabric banners. Fabric is automatically chip and peel proof. Some fabrics such as nylon and satin are even crease-proof. Even if creases do occur, in the case of fabrics they can be ironed out easily.

Less likely to tear: 

another important aspect that must be considered while choosing between Vinyl Banners and fabric is that fabric is less likely to tear easily. It has a much higher ability to withstand pressure.

It is easier to store:

 another significant advantage of a fabric banner is that folding them does not compromise their effectiveness in any way. As already stated above, even if any creases occur, these creases can be removed easily with the help of an iron. The fact that they can be folded makes them highly portable, as well as makes their storage easy – without damaging the look of the banner in any manner. 

Better visible in case of flash photography: 

undoubtedly, one of the main uses of a banner is for advertisement purposes. In such a scenario, likely, you will also want to take pictures for future use, or further advertisement or promotional activities. This brings us to another huge advantage of Fabric Banners – they are not reflective. Unlike banners made out of other mediums, fabric banners do not reflect light off of their surface, making them an ideal choice in any situation where flash photography is likely. 

They can be washed: 

this is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of a fabric banner. Unlike banners made out of other mediums that are likely to lose their visual integrity in case they are washed, fabric banners are wash proof. Therefore, if someone spills something on your banner at the next trade show, you do not have to fret wondering how you will take care of it as long as you have a fabric banner. 

For all of these reasons, fabric banners are ideal. Fabric is an excellent medium to print your banners on, and not only is it cost-effective and visually appealing, but also tremendously long-lasting as well. 



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