Points to remember before you buy an AC

A good quality air conditioner not only offers great cooling, but it also provides other benefits such as humidity control, air purifying, and room heating during winters. ACs have become a necessity all year round. Keeping your AC in its prime condition should be your number one priority if you want to enjoy the best cooling experience this summer.

Buying an AC that is perfect for your room is not easy. There are several factors that you must consider such as the size of the room, type of AC, area you live in, and more. Fortunately, we have made a list of essential points that you must remember before you buy an AC.


The capacity of the AC depends on the size of the room. A room that has an area of 140sq.ft. needs at least 1 ton AC. A room with an area of 240sq.ft. needs a 2 ton AC. The most common type of AC used is the 1.5 ton, for this type the room should be 180sq.ft. If you choose a smaller AC, it will not be able to provide efficient cooling.


Before buying an AC, make sure you are aware of the temperature and climate of the area you live in. You might need an AC that provides better humidity control. Studying the area allows you to choose the right type of AC.

Energy Efficiency:

With the rapid increase in temperature and electricity bills, it is important that you keep your AC serviced regularly. If the AC is not serviced properly, then it will not be able to provide the best cooling experience. This puts a lot of stress on the AC, which leads to high electricity bills.

So, make sure you hire the best AC repair services in Houston TX.

Spit or Window AC:

A split AC is for those people who don’t have a big enough window to install a window AC. These ACs are expensive than the window AC but they have more benefits over the window AC. They are silent, throw more air, provide better cooling and they can be installed anywhere in the house.

A window AC is cheaper than spit AC. They are suitable for those you don’t have a high budget.

Air quality:

Nowadays, ACs are coming with air purifying features. They clean the air by eliminating disease-causing bacteria and dust from the air, making it cleaner and safer to breathe. So, if you have the budget look for an AC that offers air purifying.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Look for an AC that is easy to clean. A window AC is easy to clean compared to split AC. So, look for an AC that has a service center nearby that can provide maintenance and cleaning service.

Speed options:

Look for an AC that has an adjustable thermostat, two cooling options, and three fan speeds. These options give you the freedom to set the temperature, and the speed of the fan you require. Some ACs also come with an energy-saving feature, which helps in saving money on electricity bills.

Product Price:

Price is the main factor that dictates your buying decision. If AC has different features and has a higher star rating, it is going to be expensive but it will offer more saving options in the long run. A 5-start AC means, it will consume less electricity which will help you save money on electricity bills. So, make sure you set your budget beforehand so that you look only for those options that fit under your budget.

After sale services:

After-sale services include free limited AC services, installation, and warranty. Look for an AC that provides good after-sales service and has a dedicated service center near your location. Otherwise, you have to rely on third-party companies for AC repair.

Additional features:

Today, ACs come with many different features such as dehumidifier, air purifying, sleep mode and more. Look for an AC that offers maximum features and falls under your budget.


ACs are no longer used only for cooling a room, they have become a multi-seasonal product that provides heating in winters, reduces humidity, and more. They also help you save up to 30% more energy than regular heaters. For monsoon, ACs come with special cooling features that provide optimum cooling performance. So, look for an AC that is useful all year round and has features that are useful in the area you live in.

With the rapid increase in temperature, ACs have become an important part of our lives. Since AC is not cheap, it is important that you pick the right type for the room. So, next time when you go out to buy an AC remember these points to make your task easier.


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