New Window Installation: All You Need To Know About Window Materials

Installing new windows or replacing the old ones greatly improves the overall look of your home. When you choose to install windows in your home, you make it quieter and less drafty. It is quite hard to clean the old windows because, in earlier days, people used a combination of screens. Now a day, you will find out that these windows are made from a variety of materials which are way easier to clean and maintain.

Besides choosing the right material, now it is quite easy to find new window installation services in Frisco TX as there are lots of companies providing specialized window installation and replacement services. If you are planning for a new window installation and choosing the right material is your primary concern, here is a quick window buying guide for you. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about window materials. Give this a detailed read and help yourself picking the right window material for your home.

Vinyl Windows

If you are looking for the least expensive choice, vinyl is the material you should choose. However, if pricing is the factor that favors your buying decision towards it, there are some negatives to this material too. It is not durable. When you will do the regular cleaning, you will notice that the window is somewhat tilted. Also, it contracts or expands because of the change in outside temperature, so you will notice that it doesn’t cover the seals properly. Though it is easy to paint a vinyl window frame, you would notice that the paint peels down quickly. However, despite some of the negatives, this material is the preferred choice of clients because of its low pricing and high energy efficiency.

Aluminum Windows

These windows are best known for their exceptional durability. The structural integrity of this material is quite high, no matter how hard are the weather conditions outside. If you want to give your home a modern industrial look, installing aluminum windows is the right option for you. There is some issue of energy efficiency because it is metal and metals conduct heat. However, the manufacturers also give you the right solution for this. Select aluminum windows that are manufactured with window breaks and overcome this problem.

Fiberglass Windows

The biggest advantage of choosing fiberglass windows is that you won’t have to go for window glass replacement anytime soon. These are a bit costly but bearing that price is worth it. These are more durable than vinyl, offer better energy efficiency, and are virtually invisible. You won’t require repainting this material as the colors remain consistent throughout the frame. Like vinyl, though it also expands and contracts a bit there are no air leaks, so you would find it highly efficient when it comes to conserving energy.

Clad Windows

For those who want to enjoy the elegance of wood when they are inside their homes but they don’t want to indulge in repeated repairs, choosing clad windows is the right option. Clad windows give you a homey wood feel inside but the outside frame is either made of vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass, so you can enjoy the durability of these materials. If we talk about the cost of these beautiful clad windows, you will find them a bit costlier.

Wood Windows

Last on our list is wood. People prefer to choose this material because of its low pricing and elegant homey appeal. However, this window material requires more maintenance and more care. If you won’t protect your wood windows from harsh weather conditions, the material will quickly rot. People choose this material because of its excellent curb appeal and high energy efficiency.


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