Remote Work Best Practices For First Time Remote Employees

Remote work is creating quite a buzz these days. Every employee today is either requesting or doing work from home. But this concept of working from the comfort of your couch or adopting to remote work best practices is not something new.

How to succeed at remote work?

Create a dedicated space for work at home

This is one of the most common productivity tips for telecommuters and most of them fail here. Working from your kitchen or your bedroom can prove to be very unproductive. When you’re sitting on your bed and typing out an email, you’re not going to be able to have that seriousness. Instead, dedicate a space in your house to your work. You should have a desk, and preferably a door to shut out the noise. You could also use some essential oils like peppermint or rosemary to help you focus better, or use incense sticks to center yourself. 

Monitor the time you spend on phone and web 

Working from home tests your discipline in many ways. How much time you spend looking at social media or making non-work related calls is going to tell you how focused you can be while telecommuting. So, make sure that you spend very little time on Facebook, Instagram and the like. If you think you lack that discipline, technology is at your beck and call. Apps like Focus Me and Temptation Blocker help you monitor time spent on social media. 



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