Choosing the right Entry Door Hinges

If it is your first attempt to choose interior door hinges, you may be surprised by the wide range of options available in the market. Hinges are the tiny pieces of hardware that attach every size door to its frame. They are the crucial elements of doors that go unnoticed for years until the need for their replacement comes into existence. The hinges for cabinet doors come in a variety of options that makes it harder for you to pick the perfect one for your door. But choosing the right hinges for cabinet doors is essential as the overall functioning of the door depends on the type of hinge used.

Therefore, to help you out, we are listing some of the critical factors that you must consider before buying a hinge:

  • Getting the right size: Before stepping out of your house, take notice of the size of the door for which you are going to buy hinges. With the right hinge leaf size, you can perfectly fit the door into its frame. The selection of the hinge leaf depends on the door's width, as the same needs to be shorter.

  • Interior door hinges with right finish: Go for a hinge that complements or contrasts with the finish of your cabinet door. The best way to find exactly the right hinge is by purchasing the hinges from the same vendor from where you purchased your door hardware. The hinges with the same finish will be less visible and give a fabulous look to your cabinet doors. Having a good finish will also increase their serving life for a few years. 

  • Choose hinges as per their functionality: There are several kinds of available, every hinge provides different functionality. Therefore, before buying hinges, understand what kind of functionality it offers and if the same match your requirement or not.

  • The one that offers safety and security: For interior doors, you can go with loose pin hinges as they help in moving the doors with ease. For front doors, you can go for fixed pin hinges that will add another level of security to your door. The fixed hinges will not let any trespasser remove them and enter your home. This is the reason why people go for fixed pin hinges for their exterior doors. When it comes to the safety of your house or workplace, choosing the right hinge matters a lot.

  • The flow and function: If you want your door flush to open against the wall, then butt hinges can be your perfect choice. Pair those hinges with the door stopper to protect the wall (against which the door is opening) from scratches and other damage. In case you want your door to open swiftly, then ball-bearing hinges are the ones to go for. With these hinges, you can make your doors open and close smoothly. To ensure that the hinges perform as smoothly as they were when installed, oil the frequently.

  • Hinges that care for your door: Choose a hinge that can be easily installed. You can go for hinges that lay flatter and can be screwed on without having to cut into the door. Such interior door hinges are a better choice for antique, vintage, or special doors that you never want to damage by applying a modern hinge.

  • Depends on the door: Choosing the right door hinge also depends on which door you are buying them. Whether it is for the entrance door or kitchen cabinets or for any other door. Every door has different requirements, and a hinge should be selected by keeping those requirements in mind.

Choosing a door hinge is not as easy as it seems, and it is pretty difficult when you are doing it for the first time. There is a whole range of hinges available in the market that offers different functionalities and other specifications to the doors in which they are installed. Some hinges are even designed for specific doors. You can keep the factors mentioned above in mind so that you can get the right hinge that perfectly fits into your door. We hope that this article has helped you understand how to choose the right entry door hinges.


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