How Can I Create A GoJek App Clone?

GoJek is an all-encompassing one-stop app that serves as a bridge between consumers and various service providing companies. It is not limited to transportation services but also offers a plethora of other services including food delivery, courier, massage, maid, and whatnot at a single tap on the smartphone. In short, it’s a super app which provides access to versatile services. It was initially launched in Indonesia.

Once the GoJek app earned mass popularity, a number of businesses and individuals found it a lucrative deal to get a GoJek like app created in their respective country.


Gojek like app includes services such as online taxi booking service, online food delivery service, online car rental booking,  online grocery delivery service,  online alcohol delivery service,  online pharmacy delivery service,  online marijuana delivery service, other on-demand services, handyman services and much more.


The Gojek Clone app is a complex app that includes multiple on-demand services in an app. The process of planning, designings, developing and integrating is tedious and should work well to provide better output in well synced.


If you wish to start business like Gojek, launch your venture at times on pandemic to service the mankind with on-demand business services


Gojek clone consists of ,

  • A separate app for User to request of required service
  • An app for driver/ service provider to track their performance and perform the service
  • An app store to get food, grocery, medicine,alcohol and other necessary products through online booking.
  • For manual booking a distinctive panel is offered
  • Manage the fleet individually and seamlessly with the Fleet Management Panel.
  • Admin panel to monitor and manage the entire services.

Priority Features A GoJek Clone Should Posses:

Multiple  payment Options: The wider the options,  the comfort the user feels. With multiple payment options integrated, users can picks any one it to make a seamless payment


Real-time tracking : For all on-demand services, the real-time tracking and gps integration, paves major roles, to offer service to and fro. Every user can monitor the service delivery with integrated mapping services.


Chat support : Through call or chat options, the user can guide the delivery partner or a driver to reach the pickup location. A hassle-free system to avoid unwanted chaos and connects real-time actors.


Rate and review support : Rating and reviewing the system improves the performance of  connected users. Rating and review plays a major role in digital world apps , they create trust symbols and trigger users to switch over or process the deal.


Notifications : Get connected in the way that  instant push notifications pulls us towards the app. In Spite of closing up of the app, notifications around alters the user about each and every action happening behind.


Integration Of Apps  : As well all know complex apps are getting connected together in a single umbrella. The integration and synchronisation of apps must be made perfect to avoid chaos. To make it perfect a great techie team is needed.


If you are wishing to start a business like Gojek immediately , go ahead with the best gojek clone. 


Trioangle is one such that offers the best Gojek clone along with ready-made apps , services and support as follows.


Free Software Installation – After purchase, our team will install the script and support you for an instant start. 


Free App Submission – To make use of the app, our support team will submit the app in the app store and playstore to perform much better. 


Free Bug Support – The quality script is our trademark. But in case of any bugs, in the support period, we will aid you for better solutions. 


Round the Clock Service –  Qualified people who can understand your needs and provide a solution will help you out in 24/7


100% Source Code – According to the package you choose, the source code is offered and using that can customize the site if required. 


Technical Support – Once you have purchased our script the tech minds of our firm will provide support to you at free of cost.


White Labelling – We fix your brand & afford you a strong voice, to call and engage your customers to your business for free.


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