Shannon Masjedi- The best epitome of passionate women

In ancient times, people did not allow women to go outside for earning or to do any work for someone as the mindset was that only men can earn for fulfilling all the needs of their family members, and women are meant for doing household chores. Today, everything has become changed; means women are not less than men. What a man can do, women can do the same thing equally and that’s why girls and women are solely earning for their families without any support.

Whether it is a field related to sports, aerospace, business, medical, or engineering, you can find everywhere a well-known lady like Shannon Masjedi with great success. It has become possible because people have understood that our daughters, wives, and sisters should be well-educated as well as independent for living their life.

The best example of an enthusiastic lady

In this world, there is no shortage of women who are passionate to do something in their life and have achieved a great height.    But some are known among people and some are not because their work is not recognized by anyone. Now, we will discuss a woman (Shannon Masjedi) who is identified as an owner of a creative brand known as SnoBar.

Are you waiting to know her name? Well, your wait gets over as she is Shannon Masjedi, vice president and creator of this ice cream parlor. She is one of the best examples of those ladies who are curious to do something new and unique as she has proved that what his better half can do she can also do.

How she started SnoBar?

One night, she was having a craving to eat something different so she said to make it to her husband. At that time, they thought to make ice cream but what they did; they added some amount of alcohol to it for giving it a little twist. When they started eating, the taste was wonderful and amazing and this led to an invention of a product called SnoBar.

This parlor contains a wide variety of flavors of ice creams and ice-pops which are prepared by mixing premium alcohol to them. The complete line of frozen desserts at SnoBar is created mainly for adult customers; it includes those who are having age more than 21. However, Shannon Masjedi has worked in the real estate domain but she is recognized in the world due to her innovative and successful cocktail brand where one can enjoy completely when there is a need for relaxation and releasing full day mind stress.


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Written by Shannon Masjedi

Shannon Masjedi - A renowned lady business owner and a creator of a well-known brand Snobar, born with an incredible business mind. Shannon has a remarkable experience in handling varied businesses such as real estate and known for giving satisfaction to her customers in an optimal way by putting maximum efforts. Masjedi Shannon started very simply like any other ordinary person, but with total strength and determination, she easily reached the top. Today, she is famous as a real estate agent in Arizona and California. With years of experience, Masjedi Shannon is now able to crack big and complicated deals.


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