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The most attractive benefits being provided by a bank is included the services of credit cards. This unique care can provide you to get instant access to cash. To curb this demand and entice more customers, many banks offer credit cards to their customers with the best rates to get their attention. On a competitive interest rate, you can make a list of different banks that can give you bets rates because only a suitable credit card like the best cashback credit card can give you to get maximum profit. At the same time, you also request to your bank to get the priority-based services, if you live in Dubai. Additionally, there are four categories with unique features added to credit cards which are the following:

  • Direct cashback discount
  • Maximum rewards point on traveling
  • Priority-based services with lowest rates
  • Instant cash facility with some interest rate

Keep one thing in your mind that the first one is the simple standard credit card which is nothing but provides credit with no added benefits. The second, reward credit card, provide supplementary benefits for frequent travels and other big purchasers. In addition to the short loans, in terms of cash backs, loyalty points to redeem inform of discount including travel discounts, etc. Sometimes the banks ask the cardholder to deposit a certain amount in his or her account to covert the credit balance but it is necessary in most of the cases. You can manage through your annual profit margin. In exchange to use credit card services, it is known as a secure credit card which can help you to get the best rates as well.

Along with these, the fourth category of credit card provides an extended benefit in the form of Samsung pay UAE which is pretty economical. As we all know that most of the expatriates are working in UAE and they required such services off and on so the choice of a good bank will matter in the future.

Here, I would also mention the security these credit cards provide for the cardholder; thus, a credit card is more secure in terms of cash flow than the debit card. Additionally, the credit card builds a credit history of the cardholder. It can be utilized as a credit reference to obtain loans in the future.

 First, understand there is a limit of 1 mount to up to 3 years and such deposits are ideal for the quick return and long-term investment opportunities. The depositor can withdraw profit at various intervals like monthly and quarterly or at the time of deposit maturity. For such withdrawal, you will be required a debit card to operate the profit. Here in this scenario possessing a credit card will not help. However, contrary to this, consider scenario two, where you went to purchase a vehicle or an object but you are short on cash in your debit card, hence you can pay the cash via the credit card and afterward repay your debit on installments to the bank.


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Written by Emma Stone


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