Solvent Dyes – Manufacturer & Exporter

Solvent dyes which are being used in dyeing of plastics, printing inks, waxes and leathers. Being manufacturer & exporter of solvent dyes Mehul Dye Chem Industries is reliable company to work with.

Solvent Dyes – Manufacturer & Exporter 

Solvent Dyes – Manufacturer & Exporter

Known for their versatility, solvent dyes are soluble in non-polar mediums and are used in variety of applications including inks, plastics and petroleum. These dyes are also used for coloring in industrial cutting and automotive industries. The exclusive range that we offer is high in purity, strength, solubility and stability. 

We have wide range of solvent dyes including metal complex solvent dyes, polymer soluble solvent dyes and fluorescent solvent dyes. Our solvent dyes are widely used in various domestic as well as overseas markets. We serve industries like Plastic Industries, Ink Industries, Paint & Coating Industries, Rubber Industries, Oil and Petroleum Industries, Wax & Derivatives Industries, Paper Industries, Cosmetic Industries, Wood Industries, Metal Industries, Glass Industries, Leather Industries, Textile Industries, Fiber Industries and many more. 

Our Products

Solvent Yellow 14 CAS No 842-07-9

Solvent Red 24 CAS No 85-83-6

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Established since 1992, Mehul Dye Chem Dyestuffs Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality dyestuff and pigments, since last 28 years. The company has a name of repute not only in India but also abroad for its high quality products and services.

Our Products
Basic Dyes
Acid Dyes

Solvent Dyes

The manufacturing unit of the company is equipped with latest machinery equipment of superior quality, supported by competent and hardworking skilled technicians, chemist & workers who develop new products of highest quality at competitive prices.


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