Pigments Manufacturer & Exporter

Mehul Dye Chem Industries is Pigment Manufacturers & Exporter in India. We have wide rage of pigments including Pigment Red 63:1, Pigment Yellow 1,  Pigment Red 173  are used in Paints, Inks, Plastics, Constructions, Cosmetics, Faux Leather, Textiles, Rubber industries etc.

pigments manufacturers in india 

pigments manufacturers in india

We offer wide range of Organic and High Performance Pigments for Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Paper, Ink and other Industrial Coatings.

Mehul Dye Chem Industries has introduced Water based Pigment Preparations and color solutions for Paper Industries.

Visit our Paper Products for more details.

Our laboratory and application center which are well equipped with the latest testing facility has helped us to understand and fulfill our customers' requirement in the best possible way.


Our Products

Pigment Red 63:1 CAS No 6417-83-0

Pigment Yellow 1 CAS No 2512-29-0

Pigment Red 173 CAS No 12227-77-9

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Established since 1992, Mehul Dye Chem Dyestuffs Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality dyestuff and pigments, since last 28 years. The company has a name of repute not only in India but also abroad for its high quality products and services.

Our Products
Basic Dyes
Acid Dyes

Solvent Dyes

The manufacturing unit of the company is equipped with latest machinery equipment of superior quality, supported by competent and hardworking skilled technicians, chemist & workers who develop new products of highest quality at competitive prices.


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