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Why outsource development?

Outsourcing development means you get to access the simplest people for the work wherever they're based. It are often cheaper, especially if you're prepared to figure with development teams in emerging economies. But be prepared to buy project management or account management services as they're going to got to be professionally managing their resources too – it’s unlikely that they're going to ‘lend’ you an entire development team without a team leader so you ought to expect to possess a (chargeable) single point of contact.

software development vietnam  may be a good option if you don’t have the talents in-house and don’t see the necessity to possess those skills in-house. you'll plan to recruit instead if you are doing , for instance , want to form sure you've got adequate resources to take care of , support and upgrade your product. this is often particularly relevant if you're building an enterprise app which will support a number of your company’s key systems – you don’t want that breaking down and not have the resources available to repair the bugs.

Where does one find an outsource partner?

When you’re looking to award a contract for your project, don’t assume that the person based round the corner is that the best one for the work just because they're close.

Look outside your region for skilled development professionals. consistent with research from Visionmobile, what’s in popular use locally doesn’t necessarily reflect what developers are skilled in. for instance , the report says that in Spain the bulk of local sales of smartphones are Android. However, Spanish developers predominantly add iOS, developing apps for the iPhone and other Apple products.

The survey also found that 41% of developers add both Android and iOS, so it’s an honest idea to ask your potential outsourcing partner if they fall under this bracket – as your project is sure to have a good mixture of stakeholders who want access to the new software on both.

Options for paying your outsourcer

Most corporate deals would be fixed rate or time and materials but apps development features a few other charging models. If your project is to create something which will be sold to the general public , you'll offer a commission-based model or check out percentage of sales contracts. Apps also can make money from advertising but I wouldn’t advise that if you're building an app that has niche appeal as you would like to believe how this may reflect on your company brand. If you're building an app for internal use, like a front to varied enterprise systems, that option will look unprofessional and won’t generate much money anyway.

Remember that you simply may have to incorporate ongoing maintenance in your contract – don’t assume that the work finishes with the primary iteration of the software! You’ll likely need a support contract so believe that upfront and write it into your overall contract if appropriate.


Working with outsourcers

The main difference with working with software development company in vietnam partner for the project manager is that generally you’ll only be handling one single point of contact. Your partner will probably be the outsourcer’s project manager or development team leader. you would possibly need to ask to ascertain detailed plans (be suspicious if they aren’t prepared to share this information with you). Then you’ll incorporate their major milestones into your own project plan.

Make sure that you simply meet your outsourcing contact regularly either face-to-face or with a standing regular call in order that you both continue so far with project progress.

I’ve worked with outsourced development teams and in-house development teams and I’ve loved the experience with both. You’ll got to make the decision on which one is true for your application development project but as long as you treat whoever is involved as an integral a part of your project team then you're on target for project success.

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Written by Tommy Borge

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